gvSIG at Silesian Convention (Szczyrk, Poland)

On 11-12 June in Szczyrk (Poland) took place V Silesian Convention of Computer Science and Administration, whose main topic was free and open source software and open data.

The convention was attended by over 100 participants from all over the country representing both the public administration, commercial companies and universities.
Participants could hear and see nearly 30 presentations, including those regarding:

  • free GIS software and its licensing,
  • open standards in geographic information,
  • open and gratuitous geospatial data,
  • official public geoportals,
  • Open Street Map,
  • Linked Open Data,
  • certification of skills in the field of GIS.

During the convention was held a presentation about gvSIG titled: “The project gvSIG. Software for various applications“, in which you could take a look at the main features of gvSIG software as well as other products of gvSIG project.

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