Towards a new icon set in gvSIG


Some time ago a collaborator, Mario Fèvre, from TreCC company, started a new project to generate a new icon set for gvSIG with the aim to have a friendlier interface.  

This project not only consist in designing that new icon set, but creating a style guide or manual, that allow developers to design the future icons to be included in gvSIG in a normalized way.

An excellent work that you can see now, and of course giving your opinion. 

Here you have the link to the first version of this style guide that contains the groups of icons that have been created already: Style guide (PDF in Spanish)

It’s planned to continue with the design of the icons related to Tables, Layouts and Charts.

From our part, gvSIG will have the possibility to select the different icon sets, and the user will be able to use the current one or other sets like the presented one in this post. 

We want to thank Mario for his work and congratulate him for the professionalism.


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