200 gvSIG case studies at “gvSIG Outreach” web portal!

From some time ago, the projects based on the official gvSIG products – gvSIG Desktop, gvSIG Mobile, gvSIG Educa, gvNIX, i3Geo – are published at the gvSIG Outreach portal. These projects are carried out in a very wide range of sectors and geographic places.

Publishing of these case studies helps users to see the potentiality of gvSIG, knowing the possible applications.

Any user that works with data with a geographical component can use gvSIG. It can be used in a wide range of sectors, like Telecommunications, Transport and logistics, Safety, Marketing, Health, etc. Some utilities are statistical data representing, minimum paths, thematic maps…

There are 200 case studies now, and we encourage every gvSIG user to tell us the experience with gvSIG, and share it with the community.

You can see all the case studies at the gvSIG Outreach portal, where you can search by country, by sector, by software or by keyword too.


Case studies have been published in its original language, so that a translator has been enabled in case you want to read it in your language.


If you want to send a new case study, you can fill in the case study form (document in .odt format; this format can be visualized using the free LibreOffice application), and send it to the following e-mail address press@gvsig.com.

We expect your case studies!

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