Compilation of final projects from the Scripting MOOC (I)


To complete the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) of Scripting in gvSIG and obtain the Certificate, you have to present a final project showing what you have learned during the course. You choose the topic of the project and adapt how hard it is your solution depending on your knowledge.

You choose one problem to solve and develop a solution through Scripting. Adapt the difficulty of this task to your knowledge.

Here you have some of the most interesting projects that have been presented:

Informe generado en fecha 09/01/15 y hora 23:01:24

Proyecto: <gvsig.Project object at 0x25>

-> Velocidad máxima: 29[km/h]
-> Aceleración para aumentar velocidad: 1.3[m/s^2]
-> Aceleración para disminuir velocidad: -0.5[m/s^2]
-> Tiempo de interés: 0[hs] 15[min]

Longitud total de la vía férrea: 44169.4323188[m]
Tiempo inicial: 0.0[min]

La longitud del tramo entre las estaciones Estacion_Central_San_francisco y Parque_Caballero es de 790.484440472[m] suficiente para alcanzar 29.0[km/h], mantenerlo por un tiempo y luego frenar completamente
Llega a la estación Parque_Caballero en el instante 0[h] 1.82138248515[min]
Tiempo de parada: 0.25[min]
En el instante 0[h] 2.07138248515[min] parte de la estación Parque_Caballero



Remember, if you are interested in programming like this, the MOOC of Scripting is free and it’s always open to new users. It’s prepared for users without programming knowledge (it helps if you know about python) and you can always ask in the forum (I’m always checking each post). You can sign up and take the time that you need to complete the course.

If you want to obtain the course certificate, you just have to complete the course and your final project, the cost for the certificate is 40€, for the sustainability of the project. With this, we will correct your exercises and give you tips about how you can improve it.

If you make some scripts by your own and want them to be published in the gvSIG Outreach, contact with us through this email.

More projects soon!

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