Change of Productivity Model

Strategic sectors, the ICTs and the 21st Century; the Geomatics, gvSIG and the Spatial Data Infrastructures; Standards, Free and Open Source Software, to share and to collaborate; Neutrality, Independence and Technological Sovereignty; and of course, the change of Productivity Model.

How many things we hear about. How many concepts, how many labels, how many good intentions.

I think nobody is going to deny the importance that the ICTs nowadays have, as they are broadly considered the strategic sector of the 21st Century. At this moment we can’t imagine any productive, economic, academic nor social process in which the ICTs don’t play a essential role. But the question is: Are we aware of what this involve?

I guess we wouldn’t be able to find many people that doubt about how important is for any organization -be a nation, a public administration or a company- to have complete control over the technology, instead of being controlled by the technology or, much worse, by their owners.

We don’t need to be experts in this sector to see the potential that the introduction of the “Geo” component into our Information systems has. In a world where the reality is closely related to the territory, tools that allow us to manage the territory are tools that allow us to manage the reality. We are talking about Geomatics.

If we use our imagination just a little we can think about the Scientific Progress history, in which traditionally the main achievements came thanks to the fact that the giants of the science were able to benefit from studies and findings of their counterparts. We are talking about sharing the knowledge. We are talking about collaborating for reaching solutions. To Share and to Collaborate, core values of the Free and Open Source Software. Free and Open Source Software as a tool of technological progress.

I bet a thousand gvSIG licenses that all of you have heard about the Change of Productivity Model. We’ve been talking about the crisis as long as talking about the Change of Productivity Model, about leaving the bubble sectors and go for the mentioned change where, with no doubt, the ICTs and the R&D&I must play an essential role.

Ok, so we have the ICTs as Strategic Sector, the potential of the Geomatics and gvSIG (project from which the gvSIG Association was born, an international reference in the geospatial technologies sector) on the shoulders of giants (collaboration and sharing, the Free and Open Source Software core values). At this point, can we get any conclusions that help us to turn into reality the Change of Productivity Model? Any Opportunity in front of our face?

PS: For the forgetful ones: It’s not the Neutrality. It’s the Independence, sleep-walkers.

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