Technology neutrality or technological somnambulism?

How many times we don´t stop hearing about technology neutrality as a reasonable position? Well, the technology issue is not something “as neutral”. The concept of technology neutrality raises the idea of the inevitability of technological development as itself and it would be associated to a technological determinism and finally with a historical determinism. That is, the choices between the different technological options that may arise, they affect to the power distribution, authority and privilege within a community. So, the decision to take one technology or other and the innovations or technological changes over the existent ones, create serious changes with desired effects and not desired ones.

Using the Langdon Winner´s idea, those who talk about technology neutrality, it likes that they are adopting an attitude of technological somnambulism about the development and evolution of the technology, estrategic sector in the 21st century. It´s not the Neutrality, it´s the Sovereignty, somnambules.

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