On the road to gvSIG 2.3: New available formats (OGR / GDAL)

One of the major architectural changes in gvSIG 2.3 is related to the use of the GDAL library in the frame of raster data and projections. After completed his task, we have decided to create a new access data driver that uses the potentiality of this library in order to be able to access all kinds of formats, since many of them were not supported so far by gvSIG.

What formats are supported by GDAL? Due to the fact that the lists would be so huge, it is much better to share the links:

– Raster formats: http://www.gdal.org/formats_list.html
– Vector Formats: http://www.gdal.org/ogr_formats.html

It is evident that this possibility allows gvSIG users to exploit a much larger number of formats in addition to those already available. We have made this plugin available on the testing server to allow users to test in gvSIG 2.3.

In the following video you can see how to install the plugin through the Add-ons Manager.

Although it is possible that some additional development is required to improve user experience for few formats, there are many formats that have been already testing as shown in the following videos.

Creation of a GeoJSON file and how to load it into gvSIG:

Load MapInfo generated layers both in MID / MIF or TAB format:

Load a GML layer with the cadaster scheme, where the properties of GML to be used in this scheme will be indicated. In this case the GML has been downloaded from geoportal of the Spanish Cadaster General Directorate:

Is it interesting, isn’t it?

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