Smart cities: what about the reuse?

imagen proyectosAt this point in our live we still get indignant about seeing tenders and public grants and most of them related to Smart Cities in the last years where basically citizens money is spent in software licenses acquisition. Licenses with names and surnames in a high percentage of cases.

At the series of posts that we started about Smart Cities and open source software we dealt with the reasons why a city only can be intelligent if it guarantees the technological independence of its information systems and why the proprietary software deepens in the technological discrimination between first and second class cities.

Today, we would like to focus on a subject that however, being in all the basic manuals of the government, it seems that when it concerns to the software area, many times is forgotten and relegated to something insignificant. wet paper. As much as this area has a legislative character.

And if, the topic is the reuse. Subject that tells us that our public managers must focus on solutions to be shared, reused, that they can be improved and supplemented between administrations. In computing solutions this is only possible with open source software licenses.

In one previous post, we talked about that for the vast majority of cities the only option to get into the modernization of the public management was the open source software, now we should think about the savings and the technological advance which will be created if the solutions were shared. If it would be a collaboration in the evolution, if the efforts would be added…

The needs of the cities are, basically, the same ones in any part of the world. Infrastructure management (sewage and water management, lighting,…), heritage, town inventory, waste management, town planning,…the software solutions, therefore, could have one similar technological base. And if all the data are geolocated, the geomatics, the GIS are a fundamental key in the Smart Cities framework. We talk from the practice and the experience of the gvSIG Association, knowing that the 100% of all the geomatics needs of any town can be solved with total guarantee for the open source software..

And with the weight of the logic of reusing, the actual legislation must be added, which is equivalent in all countries. Let´s see the case of Spain.

The (ENI), governed by Royal Decree 4 / 2010 of 8 January, establishes the set of criteria and recommendations which should be taken into account by supplied by public administrations for decision-making to guarantee interoperability. ENI is aligned with the European Strategy for interoperability and Interoperability European Framework. Both the ENI, and their interoperability technical standards, provide for systematic liaison with equivalent instruments the European area.

And what says about reusing? The article 16 says:

The licensing conditions of the applications and associated documentation, and any other information objects which public authorities are holders of intellectual property rights and that they can make available to other public administrations and citizens, without nothing in return or any agreement, they will take into account that the aim pursued is the use and reuse, as well as the protection against any misappropriation exclusively by third parties .

Indicates that the Administrations should take into account the available solutions for free reuse, that can satisfy (all or part) of the needs of the new systems and services or improving and updating those already implemented.

And concludes that: the main aim of the release of assets is the possible Reuse of the same ones by other stakeholders. Organizations, particularly, public governments, dedicate efforts to create assets that may already exist . The reuse of these assets can allow the sharing of resources and results , on the one hand, within government and including contributing to save resources, effort and time , and, on the other hand, society, contributing to social and economic interest.

Great laws, aren´t they? And now, are we going to take them seriously? To bet for the reusing is to bet for the free technologies. Technological sovereignty, reduction of asymmetries and reuse.

We must ask for smart managers to have smart cities.

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