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The Municipality of Durazno puts faith in gvSIG for its Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Durazno Departmental Administration, which manages one of the nineteen departments that make up the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, has launched its Spatial Data Infrastructure, putting faith in gvSIG Online as the technological base for the management of all its … Continue reading

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Spatial Data Infrastructure and Central Address System of Uruguay

Two projects that have allowed to evolve the geographic information management in the Government of Uruguay are presented. Both projects are based on the gvSIG Suite technologies, a catalog of open source software solutions where gvSIG Online is included, a … Continue reading

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Where is open source GIS software going? gvSIG article at TWINGEO Magazine

TWINGEO magazine asked us for an article that answered the question “Where is open source GIS software going?” At a technical level, the software applied to geographic information management will follow similar dynamics, regardless of its license. It must be … Continue reading

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PANACEA. Plataforma de Biodiversidad del Mediterráneo con gvSIG Online

En las pasadas Jornadas de gvSIG, Antonio Sánchez del Centro Temático Europeo de la Universidad de Málaga presentó un interesantísimo proyecto que engloba a unas 200 entidades de todo tipo de 18 países. En total 70 áreas protegidas del Mediterráneo. … Continue reading

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Learn GIS with free online courses and open source

Geography is increasingly being recognised as a critically important element of data. Reality is expressed on the territory. Tools that allow us to manage the territory will allow us to manage the reality. “A geographic information system (GIS) is a … Continue reading

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The 4th gvSIG Festival is coming

For the fourth year running we launch the 4th gvSIG Festival, the online conference in which anyone in the world with an Internet connection can attend or participate as a speaker. The event will be held in March 27th and … Continue reading

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Free Course: GIS for Archaeologists

In recent years, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have radically evolved the way in which spatial data are collected, analyzed and interpreted. Because of their characteristics, GIS have become useful applications for archaeologists. The appearance of gvSIG, with a complete suite … Continue reading

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Sentilo and gvSIG: Agreement to collaborate

We are pleased to announce that Sentilo and gvSIG communities have reached an agreement to collaborate closely in order to make it easier for users, partners and developers of both communities to deploy an integrated sensor platform and a Geographic … Continue reading

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The Horton Machine for data analysis to help scientists… and not only

During the 13th International gvSIG Conference Andrea Antonello of HydroloGIS spoke us about The Horton Machine (previously known as JgrassTools). With the Horton Machine in gvSIG we will have new and interesting tools: geomorphology analysis (drainage direction, total contributing area, … Continue reading

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Learn GIS for free: The complete course

In this post you can find a link compilation of “Learn GIS for free” course. A complete course to map your data with open source GIS: explore GIS tools, learn concepts and terminology of spatial analysis, learn how to analyze … Continue reading

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