EMT Valencia: an example of a geoportal for the public transport using open source software

One of the first projects of the gvSIG Association, it was the launch of the city transport company´s geo-portal (EMT) in Valencia. It’s been over five years since its start-up and remains the reference website to see how to get from one place to another city using different means of transportation:: subway, bus, bicycle, Valenbisi (public service of bike renting) or by foot.

All developments were made without spending a euro in licenses, using open source software exclusively and despite the time that has already passed, it´s still one of the most comprehensive route planners about urban transport that can be found. One more example of why the gvSIG Association has become an international benchmark in the open source geomatics.

Through this geoportal we can calculate any route, indicating the means of transport that we use and we inform several possible routes, allowing evaluate each of them and select the most suitable for the user. Among the route details, even it´s is possible to calculate the savings of CO2 emissions that cause the greenhouse effect (compared with the number of trees that would be needed to save that amount of CO2 in a day) for performing the same route with a private car.

Besides the tools directly related to route calculation, the user finds a number of utilities: discover which elements of interest there are about a point, consult routes and timetables for each bus line, display by categories points of interest, print route plans…

Here you have three videos showing how the app works…. but the best you can do it´s to try it when you come to Valencia (for example for the next gvSIG International Conference). Then you can use it and discover all the utilities of this app (http://www.emtvalencia.es/geoportal/?lang=en_otp).

If this is what we did in our beginnings… imagine what can we do now.

If you are interested in implementing these kind of solutions in your organization, contact us: info@gvsig.com. Besides having the best experts in free geomatics, you will be helping the maintenance and development of the gvSIG technology.

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