GIS of Thrones: Mapping Game of Thrones with gvSIG

Sometimes when we are doing training tasks, users ask us about free datasets to practice and learn all the possibilities that gvSIG gives us. Fortunately there are a great quantity of free data today, but it’s true that only a few times we find geographic information that allows us to enjoy while we learn to create legends, labeling, making geoprocesses…

We were thinking in it when we found a dataset, with free license, based on the successful series (in books and on TV) Game of Thrones. After testing it with gvSIG we found several errors at the information layers, but they were able to be solved easily with some geoprocesses. Since we were at that point, why don’t we play with symbology and labeling by scale?

Here you have a short video with the results:

And here you have a zip file with the data and the gvSIG project to be used. We know what project we are going to use to test the next version…

And another day we will speak about Star Wars…

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