gvSIG Festival: Fourth Day [Videos]

Evaluating temporal changes to water bodies in Medak India (English) [Gowtham Gollapalli.KAIINOS]

New tools for LiDAR, forestry, river management and hydro-geomorphology with jGrassTools in gvSIG (English) [Andrea Antonello and Silvia Franceschi. HydroloGIS. gvSIG Association]

Introduction to gvSIG (Turkish) [Yalçin. Univ.Estambul]

Geoprocesamiento con gvSIG (Spanish) [Gustavo Agüero. Consultores AA]

Novedades gvSIG 2.3: ¿En qué estamos trabajando? (Spanish) [Alvaro Anguix. Asociación gvSIG]

Programa de Caminería Rural en Uruguay con gvSIG (Spanish) [Sergio Acosta.MTOP]

And tomorrow we will finish with…


Monitoring Global Urban Expansion: Assessing the quality of urban layouts (English) [Manuel Madrid. gvSIG Association]


ONG2.0 formación en gvSig e ICT4D para proyectos de cooperación internacional (Spanish) [Valeria Sanguineti, Giuliano Ramat. ONG2.0]

* Madrid Time. Click on the time of every webinar to check it in your city.

** Registration is available clicking on the title of every webinar.

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