gvSIG at FOSS4G 2016

The FOSS4G 2016 is just around the corner and the gvSIG Association will be there with three presentations and two workshops (plus the code sprint!).

As you might know, the FOSS4G is the most important international Free and Open Source geospatial conference. This year the conference will take place in Bonn (Germany) from the 22nd to the 26th August.

For this edition we have prepared several activities for those interested on getting started with gvSIG development. Did you ever dream to develop your new tool in gvSIG? Have you ever wanted to add a new function with its sparkling new icon on the main toolbar of gvSIG? Well, then you should definitely register to our workshop gvSIG Desktop developer workshop. Cesar from Scolab and Andrea from HydroloGIS, both members of the gvSIG Association, will guide you through the creation of a new plugin for gvSIG. You will learn all the basics of gvSIG programming using its Java API: loading layers, accessing vector and raster data, adding new tools (buttons) and learning to package and distribute your own plug in.

The second workshop is dedicated to all those users that are interested in digital field mapping. If you are a professional in need to collect data in the field, if you are working in a public administration and need to standardize surveys for teams of technicians, if you just want to log your motorcycle trips and do statistics on your yearly rides, then you should definitely register to this workshop. Silvia from the Free University of Bolzano and Andrea from HydroloGIS will show you how to prepare geospatial data for your mobile device in gvSIG, how to prepare standardized forms for your survey and how to get the surveyed data into gvSIG again for further analyses.

The presentations that will be held in Bonn vary from 3 dimensional data and LiDAR to mobile mapping.

On Thursday morning Cesar will talk about all the exciting news regarding 3D support on gvSIG at the talk: 3D Tools in gvSIG using NASA World Wind. Right after that in the talk Digital field mapping with Geopaparazzi and gvSIG we will talk about what can be done with Geopaparazzi and gvSIG for those who couldn’t attend the workshop. And last but not least on Friday morning Silvia will present Spatial tools for LiDAR based watershed management and forestry analysis integrated in gvSIG. She will show us what new tools can be used in gvSIG to do environmental analyses using gvSIG and LiDAR data.

We are also participating in the code sprint. Members of the gvSIG Association will be present on Tuesday the 23th. This is a chance for interested developers, but also users that want to help with documentation and translations, to gather information and get their hands dirty in the gvSIG project. We encourage you to register on the code sprint wiki if you plan to attend, but the event is open to everyone so don’t hesitate to stop by if you make up your mind in the last minute.

You can check the full programme for more details. We wait for you in Bonn!

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