gvSIG Desktop and Geopaparazzi are awarded at the Free software awards (“Premios al Software Libre”) in 2016


gvSIG has been awarded in two of the six categories at the Free software awards this year (Premios al Software Libre 2016):

  • gvSIG Desktop, in the “Most revolutionary” software category, where the project that has grown the most at this year and that is helping to improve the technology is highlighted. In this case, the creation of the gvSIG Association has been valued specially as the base to start a technological production model oriented to SME, and based on collaboration, solidarity and shared knowledge.
  • Geopaparazzi, in the “Best free software for mobile devices”, where the most useful applications for mobile devices are awarded. Geopaparazzi is included at the gvSIG Association catalogue of products from one year ago, completing the gvSIG free solutions suite, and we are so glad for it immensely.

We want to congratulate the other awarded projects. Some of them are well-known, like LibreOffice or WordPress (where this blog is hosted) and, of course, the other nominated projects. All the free software projects are important and all of them allow to build a model where users are the owner of the technology.

You can imagine that these recognitions, that are added to the obtained by gvSIG Desktop and gvSIG Online at the “Nasa Worldwind Europa Challenge 2016”, are a happiness for all the gvSIG team that is launching this project.

In this case we want to thank the response of all the gvSIG Community in the first phase of this award, based on the popular voting; for us it has been the best prize. Being awarded finally by the jury is another sign that the efforts made from the Community and the gvSIG Association have a recognition every time more global.


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