New website and new documentation for users and developers in gvSIG

We want to announce our new website for the gvSIG documentation. This website will contain all type of documentation such a user manuals, developer guides for Scripting, for Java, workshops and more. Also, it will contain other usefull links like related pages with the project.


seleccion_003For other hand, we want to announce that the user documentation for gvSIG desktop 2.3 in English is completed and it has been published.

There are also some progress in the translation of the Scripting Documentation and in the Quick Developer’s Guide, that you can access from the index of the documentation.

Speaking of translations, we are also almost done the Portuguese translation of the Scripting Documentation, which you can access from the index of the portuguese documentation.


To change between languages, in the top right corner you will find differents flags that will link you to a different languages indexes. If you can’t find the docs that you need, you can check first if they exist in other languages.

We want to use this opportunity to say thanks to all the translators that help us with this documentation and make a new call to new translators to help us with keeping all the docs updated. If you are interest in becoming in a new translator of the gvSIG community, you can contact directly with us in Thanks to all!

We hope this new documentation is of your interest!

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