The video of the “Geopaparazzi and gvSIG” workshop is now available

During the 12th International gvSIG Conference there was a workshop about “Geopaparazzi and gvSIG” in English.

At this workshop, attendees could learn about how to install Geopaparazzi, load layers, enter data, export data to gvSIG Desktop…

The workshop was recorded, so you can follow it now if you couldn’t attend it.

Here you have the video:

The data used at the workshop are available here.

And the gvSIG plugins for Geopaparazzi here.

with some instructions for the installation.

Finally, you can take a look at this interesting presentation about the state of the art of Geopaparazzi and its integration in gvSIG given at the 12th International gvSIG Conference, State of the art of Geopaparazzi: towards gvSIG Mobile:



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