Towards gvSIG 2.4: Emoji symbol library

Emoji is a Japanese term for ideograph or characters used in electronic messages and websites that has been popularized as one of the better known set of symbols.

More over its popularity, they are symbols that can be very useful to represent particular elements in a Geographic Information System. For that, we have created a new symbol library that will be included one of the novelties of the new gvSIG version… but you can download and install it in your gvSIG Desktop already.

You only will have to download this file:!Fh4wGZwL!U6sQKBoN3m3OU2mlBhKM4rD6Lh0vDWb1va9M4Y0RzYY

…and then install it from the “Add-ons manager” of gvSIG Desktop. If you have any doubt, here you have a video about how to do it:

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