Towards gvSIG 2.4: Changing gvSIG interface. A new set of icons

gvSIG has used the same set of icons for a good number of years. Therefore, we have made the decision to give the user the opportunity to change themes or icons set easily. To do that, we have created a plugin which we will describe in a post later. Here, we want to show the excellent set of icons that Mario Fèvre from the company TreCC S.A. has been created, as well as the instructions to work with them in gvSIG Desktop 2.4.

In addition to both tool sets, a complete guide for styles has been created. You can check this out here (now in Spanish).

There are two sets, one where the icons size is 16×16 and the other with 22×22. This second one meets the demands of part of the gvSIG community that asked to work with larger buttons.

The two sets can be downloaded in the following links:

Any of them can be installed, once downloaded, by using the “Set administrator > Using file”, so far (they will be also available in the official repository in the final version). You should select either “TreCC-icon-set” … 22×22 or 16×16, depending on your preferences.

Once it is installed, gvSIG Desktop must be restarted. Then, there´s one more step to indicate to the application in case one of the new set of icons wants to be used.

Go to “Preferences > General/Set of icons” and choose the icons set to be used as shown in the picture below:

Then, restart gvSIG Desktop to see the new interface of our favorite GIS. By the way, in the last builts there’s no option to go back and see the traditional set of icons (do not forget that we are in the test phase) although we expect to include this option in the future builts.

Here a short video that shows the new gvSIG Desktop:

Finally, we would like to mention that gvSIG Desktop 2.4 will be launched with the “traditional” set of icons. This is not just the one that most of the users are familiar with but also it is the one that all the existing documents are referred to. However, the new icons will be also at your disposal in the application. Eventually, in the next versions, we will consider the opposite: gvSIG will be able to be released with the new icons set, with the traditional one available.

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