gvSIG 2.3.1 in macOS Sierra

As you know, there are portable gvSIG Desktop versions for para macOS, Windows and Linux. Portable version was released for macOS Mavericks, and a series of problems have been detected, that prevented using it in macOS Sierra.

With the objective to spread it more, we have echoed about the information published at the blog about gvSIG and Mac to solve these problems and use your favourite GIS in macOS Sierra:

There’s a problem with another library, now libc ++.1.dylib but after removing it, it seems to work.

Our current configuration, like any other Mac running Sierra (we think it), has libc ++. 1.dylib in /usr/lib, so it’s not necessary to have the same library inside gvSIG.

We have prepared a “double-click” application that will work if gvSIG-desktop-2.3.1-2501-final-darwin_macos_10.11-x86_64 is in “Applications” folder.

So, step by step:

  1. Download gvSIG 2.3.1 for mac
  2. Drag it to applications folder
  3. Open a console (the application is in Applications > Utilities folder)
  4. Write ‘mv /Applications/gvSIG-desktop-2.3.1-2501-final-darwin_macos_10.11-x86_64.app/gvSIG/extensiones/org.gvsig.gdal.app.mainplugin/gdal/libc++.1.dylib /Applications/gvSIG-desktop-2.3.1-2501-final-darwin_macos_10.11-x86_64.app/gvSIG/extensiones/org.gvsig.gdal.app.mainplugin/gdal/libc ++.1.dylib.old’, without quotation marks.
  5. Download the “double-click” aplication
  6. Double-click
  7. Enjoy it

These instructions only work if you don’t change the name of the application and you have it in applications folder.

We say goodbye thanking Agustín Díez for the work done so that gvSIG users can enjoy it in macOS Sierra.

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