Plugins update for gvSIG 2.4

After releasing gvSIG 2.4 version some improvements have been carried out on the behaviour of some plugins that were included on it. Through the add-ons manager they can be updated without installing gvSIG again.

In some of the improved functionalities it’s necessary to install more than one plugin.

These are the plugins that have been updated:


Name of the plugin to update (and build number)

Layout Document

  • Document: Layout document plugin, version 2 (BN 2.0.121-140)

Heat map legend

  • Document: Layout document plugin, version 2 (BN 2.0.121-140)
  • Vector legend: heat map (BN 1.0.14-17)

Point disperse geoprocessing tool

  • (BN 2.0.220-2767
  • (BN 2.2.92-2169)
  • (BN 2.2.92-2169)
  • (BN 2.2.92-2169)

Rossmo’s algorithm

  • Rossmo’s algorithm (BN 1.0.0-4)

Once you open the add-ons manager (“Tools” menu) you have to select “Installation by URL” option, connecting to the URL by default. Then you have to search any of the plugins for the concrete functionality, selecting and installing them (you can select several plugins at the same time). Finally you must restart gvSIG so that the changes have an effect.

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