First gvSIG 2.5 build for testing is already available

The first ‘build’ of the next gvSIG Desktop version for testing is already available. You can download it from the ‘Development versions downloads‘ section of the gvSIG Association website.

With this we encourage you to help us to stabilize the next  gvSIG Desktop 2.5. Mainly we ask you for testing these ‘builds’ during this error fixing phase and you tell us all the incidents that you find at the mailing list.

This first ‘build’ is available with installable distributions for Windows and Linux, and from the first RC (Release Candidate) there will be portable versions, including a distribution for Mac.

gvSIG Desktop 2.5 has a lot of novelties. Not all of them are included at this build (for that it’s not a RC yet). Among the novelties of this new version there are some of them that are remarkable, for example the report designer, the option to work with virtual fields, field importer, quick map exporter/generator, ring map,…

Besides it will integrate all the novelties that were published after 2.4 version. (black icons, option to select and count duplicate values, SIGPAC XML files loading, 3D vector layer into 2D layer conversor, plugin to create forms for gvSIG Mobile, plugin to capture coordinates, integration with gvSIG Mobile, Epanet, The Horton MachineStatistics Viewer, v.4 support of Cadastre GML INSPIRE in Spain and update of several plugins)

In the next weeks we will publish detailed information about the novelties of this version.

We look forward to your collaboration! Time to test!

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5 Responses to First gvSIG 2.5 build for testing is already available

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  2. Sambo Isah says:

    I realy appreciate this good movement

  3. Sambo Isah says:

    I realy appreciate this good movement

  4. As official partners, we at fully support this effort. We will be testing the new version and provide feedback.

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