Widgets in gvSIG Online. Geoportals to be inserted in other websites

gvSIG Online has been adopted by all type of organizations, and as a result of that the number of functionalities and features of the platform is growing considerably. In a series of posts we are going to show you some of the latest tools that are available already in the Spatial Data Infrastructure solution in free software. Now we are going to tell you about Widgets, or the ability to insert a Geoportal created from gvSIG Online in any web page.

In the demo video included in this post you can see how to publish a geoportal in a blog once it has been created:

  1. Firstly you will see how a geoportal created by gvSIG Online is shown.
  2. We create a widget, that is, a component that makes that geoportal insertable.
  3. We indicate the page in which it is going to be located, in this case we have simulated that the objective is to insert it in a post of the gvSIG blog.
  4. We copy a piece of code on the blog page (in the video you can see that it is inserted in the paragraphs selected previously). The path to the widget and the size that we want to assign to the geoportal window is indicated. Finally we modify the URL with the widget’s identifier.
  5. We refresh the blog page… and it shows the geoportal inserted.
  6. We modify the options of the widget from gvSIG Online, activating the possibility of making it editable. We check how the editing option has been added automatically on the blog page.
  7. We do the same by adding the search option, and we check how a search engine appears in the inserted geoportal.
  8. We check how other tools can be activated.

With this tool an organization can not only create as many geoportals as required, but also they can insert them in any section of the website of their entity, increasing publishing and access to information options by users.

If you are interested in implementing gvSIG Online in your organization, please contact us at info@gvsig.com

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