Creating new colour ramps in gvSIG Online

As you knew a raster image could be represented using a ‘colour table’. These colour tables are generated from the colour ramps. In gvSIG Online we have a series of colour ramps but for customized cases that may be interesting to create a new one. There is no problem, gvSIG Online allows us to do it.

We show you how to do it through a video-tutorial. In this video we follow these steps:

  1. We have a geoportal with a raster image where we can apply a concrete symbology (colour table). Let’s imagine that any of the existing colour ramps is what we want to apply.
  2. We access to the dashboard and we see that in our gvSIG Online there are several symbol libraries that have a series of colour ramps.
  3. We add a new symbol library that has two new colour ramps. For each ramp it indicates the colours that configure it.
  4. Finally, we apply a colour table to our raster image, using the new available colour ramps.

As you can see, gvSIG Online is growing in functionalities day by day and it is becoming a reference when implementing Spatial Data Infrastructures.

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