gvSIG projects: gvSIG Online in emergency prevention and management. Provincial Fire Consortium of Valencia

In organizations such as the Provincial Fire Consortium of Valencia (CPBV) it’s essential to work with geographic information. As a result of this need, the project for the implementation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure based on gvSIG Online was launched. An important part of the success of the project is based on collaboration between entities.

Beyond the technical and organizational characteristics of the project, in this post we want to highlight different cases of use of the platform. Examples of the implementation potential of the gvSIG Suite in emergency management.

Provincial Fire Consortium of Valencia (CPBV)

General project to get information in an emergency in which all the groups of layers loaded on the server are shown.

It includes base cartography such as orthophotos, fire stations and operational areas of the Consortium, joint action area of the Consortium together with the firefighters of the Valencia City Council, Generalitat Valenciana (regional government) aerial means, firewalls and water points, roads, tracks and paths, high-rise buildings, urban and rustic constructions, sports facilities, health centers, education centers, cultural centers, farmhouses and hotels, etc.


Specific project in which the hydrant layer is shown and it allows to be updated in the field, with more than 7,100 hydrants identified, some of them already reviewed and other ones with pending revision.


Specific project for updating the information of the economic activities that have a self-protection plan, are pyrotechnic or have a radiological risk, are classified as risk companies according to regulations.


Specific project for the revision of the Fallas (traditional celebration) and to determine the “Fallas” where it’s necessary to provide a prevention service.

University of Valencia

Specific project where the existing risks in the different buildings of the University of Valencia on the Burjassot campus are inventoried.

Ricardo Tormo Circuit

Specific project of the Circuit Self-Protection Plan and where emergencies that have happened can be recorded.


Specific project where the metro lines, stations, self-protection elements, emergency exits and accesses of the tunnel sections of the Metro of the province of Valencia, except Valencia capital, are inventoried.

Forest Operational Plan

Specific project to register the operation in a forest fire.

Forestry Prevention

Specific project where useful information for the operation of forestry equipment is collected, such as trails, via ferrata climbing routes, recreational areas, forest areas, observatories, vulnerability, urban/forestry interface.

Economic Activity Areas

Specific project where useful information is inventoried for emergency assistance in the economic activities of the economic activity areas.


Specific project with information about flood risk areas, flood hazard and riverbed network.

Port Areas Activities

Specific project with information about industrial activities and study of the different scenarios that can happen in them.

Shopping Centers

Specific project with useful information for emergency assistance in economic activities that take place in a shopping center.

Dangerous Goods

Specific project with information about the intervention areas in road accidents of vehicles carrying dangerous goods.

These examples allow us to see the variety of case studies and the usefulness of having a platform such as gvSIG Online for managing geographic information.

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