Towards gvSIG 2.5: Data profiles

The data profiles will allow gvSIG to treat certain types of fields in an special way. This profiles are set in the column manager.

For example, if we have a field that it is a ByteArray type like in some data bases (the data is saved directly in the field), and we know this data is an image, we can apply an Image profile. This will allow gvSIG to work with this field as if it was an image. In the forms tool we could visualize the image instead of just a string.

In the same way, if we have a String field that contains a path to an image, absolute or relative path, we can select that this type of field is a File and the profile is an Image.

With this configuration, we will obtain the same result as in the first case. gvSIG will process this field as it was an image. If we don’t do this, we just will be able to see the path file.

In the future, this will increase the functionalities of gvSIG with new profiles.

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  3. Kira W says:

    This is a greeat post

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