gvSIG 2020… What are we working on?

Cruising speed… that’s how 2020 has started for gvSIG project and maybe that’s why we have reduced activity on the blog and social networks. But it is time to leave the engine room and tell you what we are working on. Beyond the headlines of this post, the details of many of them will be given in future blog posts.

On the one hand each time (and exponentially) more entities are betting on the gvSIG Suite, which is accelerating the amount of new features that the following versions of gvSIG Online and gvSIG Desktop will have.

The latest gvSIG Online implementations are already counting on many of these developments, some related to improvements in the dashboard, other ones in terms of the number of tools available for geoportals, and other ones related to integrations. About this latter novelties we highlight the work to integrate gvSIG Online with some of the most used file managers in the market, such as SEGEX (developed by Diputación de Albacete) or Gestiona (developed by esPublico).

In gvSIG Desktop we are already in the gvSIG 2.5.1 stabilization phase, which brings considerable improvements related to the use of forms and data management. In addition, a series of developments oriented to Road Safety have been made. They will be very useful for all those organizations that work with accident rate data. And in parallel, he have started working on a series of improvements related to cartographic editing that will bring the gvSIG editing part closer and closer to a CAD.

The gvSIG Suite will grow with gvSIG Mobility, a new solution integrated with gvSIG Online to launch projects that require multimodal route calculation… a commitment to sustainable mobility with open source technologies. And we are starting several projects that can lead to new products, for example a solution for emergencies … we will tell you how they are maturing.

We also want to tell you all those projects that are being developed in the environment of the gvSIG Association, some really important, both for complexity and for the entities that are betting on gvSIG.

The gvSIG Association is also leading the CYTED GeoLibero Network, composed of researchers from 18 Latin American countries related to the application of geomatics to the main problems of the region. In the same way we want to tell you about the progress of JUST-Side, the research network that links geomatics with environmental injustices. And, within the collaborative scope, we are working on projects with other groups related to democratic memory or cooperation. We will inform you about them soon.

All this activity is allowing us to also advance in organizational aspects, advances that we will talk about as they occur.

And we reserve some surprise…

Keep an eye out for the blog and our social networks, more than ever.

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