Extending free certification for online courses about Geographic Information Systems til September

Some weeks ago we launched free certification  for online gvSIG Desktop courses about Geographic Information Systems applied to different topics, offered by gvSIG Association, to help you make confinement more bearable. Although the situation in many countries is improving, there is still some time ahead of us in which many people will have to stay at home, and that is why we have decided to extend the free certification until September 30, 2020.

For that, everyone who submits the certification exercises before that date, will be able to get the certificate of achievement completely free of charge.

These courses are made with of gvSIG Desktop 2.4 version, available at: Download gvSIG Desktop 2.4

The courses available are:

These courses are also available in Spanish, and the course about GIS applied to municipality management is also available in French.

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10 Responses to Extending free certification for online courses about Geographic Information Systems til September

  1. Godwin Archibong Etimbrown says:

    I need to undertake the course. How am I going to reach you.?

    • Mario says:

      You only have to access the link of the course that you want to reach and follow the videotutorials. You don’t need to register at anyone. Then for the certificate you can follow the instructions. The difference now is that after getting the results of the exercises you won’t have to pay for the certificate if you send them before September 30th

  2. Isaac Zenepuah says:

    I can’t install gvSIG desktop on my windows 10 laptop… When I run the exe as administrator, it doesn’t run.
    Please Any help…

    • Mario says:

      Hi Isaac, you can download the portable version. The ZIP file has to be unzipped in a folder without spaces, and it doesn’t have to be directly in C:\ (for example a “gvsig-desktop” folder can be created in C:\ and then the portable version moved into that folder). Then you can run the exe file to open gvSIG.

  3. Muhammad Abdullahi says:

    It is nice to have such a grate environment for learning.

  4. Henry Acevedo Caballero says:

    Buenas tardes, ya estoy tomando el curso el cual me ha parecido muy bueno, Es para confirmar, si envió los resultados de los ejercicios antes del 30 de septiembre de 2020 no hay necesidad de pagar los 30 euros por el certificado?

    Gracias por su atención.

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