GIS applied to municipality management: Certification and links to the complete course

The certification of the course about Geographic Information Systems applied to municipality management is now available.

This certification period is opened after the publishing of the last modules of the course, but it will be open continuously, so that any user can get it at any moment when they finish the different modules.

To get this certification, a complete exercise must be completed, which includes some of the contents given during the course. Likewise, you must have at least 7 of the 10 existing activities correctly.

The exercise will validate the knowledge acquired during the course and will be evaluated by a tutor.

Apart from the delivery and passing grade of the exercise, the certification will have a minimum cost, necessary to cover the expenses related to the evaluation and certification. This cost will be € 30.

The certification will be issued by the gvSIG Association, and it will consist of two certificates:

  • Course completion certificate, which will include all the information related to the training contents acquired.
  • Official gvSIG User certificate, having completed the 90 credits necessary for this, and which gives the right to get the gvSIG Expert User certificate, passing the credits necessary for its validation, through the courses offered by the gvSIG Association.

The dedication time of the course is about 90 hours.

The exercise to be completed and the cartography to be used can be downloaded from the following link:

The steps to follow to send the exercise, as well as to make the payment in order to get the two certificates are explained in the first section of the practical exercise in detail.

If you haven’t taken the course yet, you can follow the different modules from the following links:

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7 Responses to GIS applied to municipality management: Certification and links to the complete course

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  2. Rajaneesh says:


  3. Sahab says:

    Hi, how can I apply for above said course.

    • Mario says:

      Hello Sahab! The course is free of charge, through videotutorials. It is not necessary to make any registration. You only have to follow the different modules that have been published.
      At this post you have the links to every module and the information about the certification.
      Enjoy it!

  4. Jangano N says:

    How do l apply for the course and how much is it in USD

    • Mario says:

      Hello Jangano! The course is free, through videotutorials. You only have to pay for the certification if you want to receive it. It costs 30€, that would be about 38$ approx. When you pay it through Paypal you pay directly 30€.

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