gvSIG Online is used at Cullera municipality, in Valencia, to improve security on its beaches in the face of COVID-19

Due to the current world health emergency situation, many municipalities are looking for solutions to reinforce security measures on their beaches and prevent COVID-19 infections. One of the main measures is to reduce the capacity of the beaches, so that the minimum safety distance can be observed. In this sense, one of the actions carried out by Cullera City Council, in Valencia (Spain), to inform citizens about the situation of the beaches, has been to generate a geoportal on its gvSIG Online platform, where the percentage of people in relation to the total capacity allowed in each sector or beach is shown at any time. The portal includes a legend that indicates whether or not it is advisable to go to that part of the beach or if it has an optimal situation.

Thanks to the new custom legends functionality in gvSIG Online, when updating number of attendees at the beach in the layer at any time, the percentage of capacity of each sector or beach is calculated based on its maximum permitted capacity, previously calculated, and based on its surface. It is shown in the set colour.

Cullera municipality has recently implemented gvSIG Online as a Spatial Data Infrastructure, which has allowed to have a web platform where different geoportals/viewers for any need can be generated in just a few minutes.

In recent weeks, the municipality technicians had generated several projects for the internal management of the cartography, with the intention of making some geoportals publicly available shortly, with useful information for citizens, such as for tourism, mobility and transportation, queries in the Urban Planning Department, etc., thus expanding its Electronic Office. But the urgent need to manage access to the beaches to reinforce security in the new normal phase after the end of the state of alarm, and with arrival of good weather, has led to the City Council to make public this first project.

The viewer is accessible from any web platform, so that citizens can consult the capacity of the beaches in a simple way, both from their smartphones and tablets and from their personal computers. In addition, a QR code has been provided with direct access to the geoportal.

On the other hand, the development of INFO Cullera is being carried out in parallel, an application based on gvSIG MApps for Android and iOS, in which citizens can see the geoportal directly on it, and which will be available in the coming days.

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