Preparing for upcoming workshops

Girona gvSIG workshopOne of the main activities to spread the word about gvSIG is training. We do several workshops throughout the year, almost all of them related with conferences.

The workshops are usually prepared and given by the same people, so there’s a group of experienced trainers on gvSIG Desktop and gvSIG Mobile products. Nowadays we’re preparing next users oriented workshops:

  • Amelia del Rey, José Vicente Higón and me will go to the Open Source GIS UK conference, at Nottingham in early June. We will give a 8 hours workshop on gvSIG Desktop and Mobile.
  • In July there will be held in Caracas the Second Latin-American and Caribbean gvSIG Conference and there will be both, users and developers workshops. I suppose I will take part on the users one with Manuel, Victoria or Mario and Joaquín del Cerro and Jorge Piera will prepare the developers workshop.
  • Finally, at least as far as I know, Victoria and me will give the FOSS4G gvSIG Desktop user workshop of 3 hours.

One of the most important things about doing a workshop, in my opinion, is collecting feedback before and after the session. On the last workshops we’ve used a web-based survey to collect information about the kind of people is attending the workshop, their expectations and so on. The post-session survey is really useful to get some feedback about how good the facilities are, the materials we prepare, the exercises, etc.

I love to do this kind of training, it’s cool to be in touch with end users, to see what they expect and complain about the software and their previous experience with it.

See you in the classroom!!

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4 Responses to Preparing for upcoming workshops

  1. I would like to add more gvSIG workshops we (CSGIS) usually do in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Latin America. The next ones we’ll be held in Salzburg (AGIT 2010, 7-9 Juli):
    – 08.07.2010 (9:00-10:30): Neuerungen der Version 1.9, R.Schönbuchner et al., CSGIS
    – 08.07.2010 (11:30-13:00): Einstieg in die Erweiterungen gvSIG Sextante und Netzwerk,
    R. Schönbuchner et al., CSGIS
    – 08.07.2010 (16:30) Was gibt es Neues von gvSIG? J. Canalejo, CSGIS
    We’d like to see you in Salzburg
    José Canalejo

  2. Jorge says:

    Great José Antonio, thanks for sharing them

    I wonder if it should be interesting for users to have a public and easily accessible calendar of training and events related with gvSIG. At this moment this info is more or less spread over different places, websites, etc.

    How do you think it would be the best solution? It has to be something affordable and easy to update or receive feedback. I’m thinking for example in the calendar of geomatic events from geomatic blog team. This calendar is maintained by some people, not only from the bloggers but also by the OSGeo-ES board of directors… well, Pedro-Juan and me are the intersection of those two groups :-).

    It’s implemented using Google Calendar, and I don’t know if it should be the best solution for the gvSIG project… but at least is a good thing to discuss about it!!

    • Jose Antonio Canalejo says:

      Hello Jorge,
      I think a calendar like you are talking about could be a great idea. A good place for linking it could be this one
      Jose Antonio

      • Jorge says:

        yes, it’s the most sensible place and in fact, after writing my last comment I started to make some tests on the gvSIG portal capabilities to support an events list.

        I’ts more or less prepared but we have to do some minor adjustments to the portal and at least we will have a place to add gvSIG community events (conferences, workshops, seminars, whatever) .

        As soon as we get something “publishable” I’ll post about it 🙂

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