Some new gvSIG mobile and mini videos

My colleagues at Prodevelop have published at our YouTube channel some interesting videos I want to share. The first one is a «code swarm» showing the gvSIG Mobile SVN repository activity on a very cool way. The other two are short videos about gvSIG mini new features like multi-touch support and automatic map download.

Someday I’ll try to produce the code swarm of gvSIG Desktop SVN but it will be a very different beast to deal with…

About Jorge

I'm a geogeek living near Valencia, Spain. I work on geomatics and I try to have fun with technology and free software.
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4 Responses to Some new gvSIG mobile and mini videos

  1. markusN says:

    Please post some hints how to use it on Symbian phones, ideally on … thanks!

    • Jorge says:

      Hi Markus,

      gvSIG Mini for Symbian phones is the pure Java version (J2ME). You have specific download and documentation sections for the J2ME version.

      Right now we’re having more resources to develop the Android version than for the J2ME, but we’re oper for new projects and collaborations on that version too.

      Hope it helps!

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