gvSIG 2.0: “Crime” symbols library

Some weeks ago we published a symbols library oriented to emergency management, both at a urban level and a natural disaster level. As a complement and in order to ease the representation of symbols for those gvSIG users who are related with criminology and delictual analysis, we have created a new symbols library. Crime01Crime_02

In this case we created the line and fill symbols manually and for the marker symbols we used the text font called “CMS. The Crime Mapping Symbology”.

These public domain symbols were designed for the US Justice Department specifically for meeting the needs of the police department about symbology, although due to its thematics, it can be also used for other departments as fire fighters. CMS includes itself two symbol sets called “Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)” and “Records Management System (RMS)”.

We generated the different selection symbols with GIMP. In this case, as there were some yellow symbols, we decided that the selection symbols were in grayscale. Doing Image/Mode/Grayscale we converted the original symbols to grayscale ones, adding “_sel” to the file name in order that gvSIG can use it automatically.

These symbols are designed to be used at a size of 32 pixels, although we still can view them correctly if we make them smaller. Crime03This package is available within the gvSIG addons manager (selecting the URL http://downloads.gvsig.org/download/gvsig-desktop/ and searching by “Types/symbols”) or directly downloading the package from here.

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