On the road to gvSIG 2.2

road Following the gvSIG 2.1 publication, we already start the way to gvSIG 2.2, and for that, we ask you for your collaboration, as much in testing as any knowledge that you could add; technical or financial support .

We were waiting for the gvSIG 2.1 publication to establish a regular publishing calendar, which we are already running. Our goal, emulating other projects as Ubuntu, is to publish two new versions a year, one referred to environment in May and another in December during the International gvSIG conferences.

Following this calendar, the development teams and the different gvSIG organizations using gvSIG, will be able to do a task planning, regarding to technical contributions submitting and the update of versions.

Then, gvSIG 2.2 should be available in May.

What we have in mind for this new version? For the developers community, there will not have big changes in the core, being a version allowing to continue debugging gvSIG bugs and adding new add-ons which are nearly ready.

In the following weeks, we will be posting possible add-ons for the next new gvSIG version, hoping that you help us with the testing (they can be used in gvSIG 2.1). So, watch out to the announces because all the news are really interesting.

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