New gvSIG plugin: 3D View

It is now available to be downloaded and tested, the new 3D viewer plug-in for gvSIG 2.2 based on NASA World Wind SDK. This new tool will allow users to create 3D visualizations from traditional 2D views in gvSIG.

This add-on is compatible with all vector and raster formats, databases and web services supported by gvSIG and can be installed either from the repositories “Official” and “Testing” as shown in this video.

Important! This add-on can be installed only on gvSIG 2.2 releases starting from the 2310; thus it is fully usable with the RC2 that can be downloaded from this page.

The main functions provided in this first version:

  • Rasterization of vector layers: it is possible to rasterize the vector layers loaded in 2D view and add them to 3D view. In such a way it is possible to use all the formats supported by gvSIG regardless of layer symbols or labels and use the full potentialities of gvSIG.

  • Load raster layer: it is possible to upload raster layer keeping all the properties of transparency, enhancement and colour tables. Moreover two raster layer are loaded as base maps to improve the 3D visualisation.

  • Upload digital terrain models: you can choose which raster load and use as a digital terrain model as well as use your own DTM. The 3D view incorporates however its global digital model to improve visualisation.

  • Synchronize changes: when you create a 3D view, it is linked to the 2D view from which it was created. This link enables you to apply the changes made in the 2D view such as symbols, layer order, viewing, adding and deleting layers. This synchronization can be performed manually or automatically.

  • Frame Sync: like the changes, you can also synchronize 2D view extension modifications in order to use all the zoom functions of gvSIG and improve the visualization and experience with the 3D view. This synchronization can be performed manually or automatically.

  • Full Screen: this tool displays the full screen 3D view and it can be very useful for presentations and conferences.

In this first version we did our best to provide gvSIG users with a tool to display vector layers, raster and 3D DTM. In the future, we plan to add more features as anaglyph, voxel models, 3D symbols…

In this first version, in order to activate the 3D tools, 2D views must be in EPSG: 4326.

Finally, we invite you to try and report any errors and bugs you find out. For more information, you can check the project Wiki and the user manual.

You can also have a look to this short video about the potentialities of this extension.

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4 Responses to New gvSIG plugin: 3D View

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  3. gismatthew says:

    I tried it but cannot find Mac-compatible version. Any ideas how I can make it work on Mac?

  4. Mario says:

    This is a solution commented at the gvSIG mailing list:
    Go to
    menu, and if you have gvSIG installed in Applications, extract ‘libsqlite3.dylib’

    In case the problem remains, you can write to the mailing list:
    The developers are registered, and there are some experts in Mac with gvSIG that can help too to solve the problem

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