gvSIG application to urban planning (workshop Video)

It is now available the video of workshop “gvSIG application to urban planning”. Without any doubt, GIS is an essential tool in such a sector; but quite often its use in not so common, mainly due to lack of knowledge in these technologies and to proprietary licenses high cost. This workshop aims to reduce these constraints: work with open source software, without any license cost, and spread knowledge of gvSIG use for urban-related tasks.

Some practical exercises are carried out to illustrate a series of analysis related to urban planning project in a neighbourhood of the city of Valencia, providing an overview of the main features of gvSIG that are needed for such a study, ranging from editing and processing thematic maps till specific geoprocessing.

You can find more information about the workshop content and download of used data from:


The manual (in Spanish) to follow the workshop can be found in:

Below, you can watch the workshop video:

We hope that these activities could be useful to new groups to discover the full potentiality of gvSIG!


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