#11gvsig: gvSIG applied to town planning (Workshop)


After the successful reception of the “gvSIG applied to town planning” workshop in the gvSIG LAC Conference and gvSIG Perú Conference, we think it would be interesting to offer it in the International gvSIG Conference.

The workshop will take place on Friday 4th December from 12:00am to 14:00pm

The town planning is one of the areas where potentially GIS software is an essential tool. However, we know that its use is not usual, basically because of the unknowledge of these technologies and also, for the high cost of the privatives licences.

The projects related to town planning handle and analyse a high volume of information, the most part of it has a cartographical representation. The correct analysis of this information from a spatial point, it can be the key for the decision making and for the design of projects of town planning.

At the same time, from the design of the new projects, the real impact of them can be analysed.

This workshop will be to introduce you to the possibilities of the Geographic Information Systems in the town planning area. To do that, and through some case studies and thanks to the gvSIG open source software, a simulation of a town planning project will be made in a headquarter of the city Valencia.

Some characteristics will be analysed: population density, noise map, tree density,… as a preliminar study. After that and having a project proposal, a simulation of the changes in the population will be realised.

Through case studies, the most significant tasks of gvSIG will be covered, including edition, creation of thematic maps and some geoprocesses.

There is no need of previous knowledge of gvSIG to attend to this workshop.

Anyone interested in following it with its computer, must have installed the last version of gvSIG (gvSIG 2.2) and downloaded the data to use in the Friday´s morning workshops.

Just remind you that the workshops are free of charge , as all the activities of the Conference. If you are interested, you need to fill the application form for the Conference at:


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