gvSIG Roads: roads management with open source software

We would like to introduce gvSIG Roads, a new solution, recently added to the already rich catalog of gvSIG Association, that can be used for road infrastructure management based on a free applications suite such as the outstanding gvSIG Desktop and gvNIX (that are as well open source gvSIG products!!!!!).

This solution derives from a project realized for the Valencia Province, which relied on the gvSIG Association to implement the free solution for road management we are going to illustrate in this article.

gvSIG Roads is much more than a GIS, it is a comprehensive road management platform that consists of a powerful application for web management, a desktop GIS for cartographic editing and update, geodatabase, map server, geoportal and mobile software for fieldwork activities.

It is a solution that covers all road management components such as security systems, events monitoring, tasks and operational orders, measurements and certifications. It allows to keep working procedures homogeneous, documentation, coordination with contracted companies as well as access to information.

gvSIG roads is designed to be easily updated and customized, allowing continuous improvement of the implementation, expanding its capabilities in areas such as inventory, road safety, expropriations … .as well as the possibility to be adapted according to client needs.

You can watch this video, recorded during recent gvSIG International Conference, that explains in detail the potentialities of gvSIG Roads:

If you are interested in implementing gvSIG Roads in your organization, please contact us at info@gvsig.com. Besides having the best experts in open source geomatics, you will support gvSIG technology maintenance and development.

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