GeoTIC: Solution for inventory management of ICT resources

geoportal_geoticGeoTIC is one of the gvSIG Association projects which exemplifies the use of our technologies in free software for inventory management. If in gvSIG Roads is available a product for inventory management road in this project it is launched a solution to optimize inventory management of ICT resources.

The Service of User and Workstation support (SAUPT) of the General Direction of Information Technology and Communication (DGTIC) of the Generalitat Valenciana (GVA -regional government in Valencia, Spain-) had a number of needs in their management process.

The main problem to solve was that much of the management was done in spreadsheets and the information that they need to perform their functions were decentralized, needing to have access to different systems to obtain it, and therefore was not available an overview. As a solution to this problem the GeoTIC project was born.

GeoTIC is a tool for technicians, which facilitates their daily work, and a dashboard that helps in the decision making process to optimize the resources available in which service.

geotic_alfaThe application was developed using gvNIX -a product boosted by gvSIG Association- and stands out for increasing productivity, in terms of the reduction of development time. In addition, for this type of inventory solutions that combine (really the most important) alphanumeric management with the cartographic part , gvNIX facilitates the incorporation of the geographical component, integrating it into the the system as one element more. As a database has been used PostgreSQL + PostGIS.

Regarding to geographic information, the geoportal Geotic is dedicated to the management of ICT resources from DGTIC. This geoportal shows the headquarters which serving the Service of User and Workstation support (SAUPT), being able to access and manage information through them.

Another feature of GeoTIC is that it is an adaptive web application and can be used in devices with different resolutions: desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile As information GeoTIC feeds on different databases (GUC, BASKET, GeoTIC) , using different technologies (PostgreSQL and Oracle) and from different web services (JIRA, SAFE, OSM, official mapping):

  • CESTA is an Oracle database, which contains the inventory of ICT assets of GVA.
  • GUC is also an Oracle database, with headquarters inventory of GVA.
  • The GeoTIC database is implemented with postgreSQL + PostGIS where the information that was in spreadsheets is stored. Also, this database is the one that gives the space support to the application.
  • JIRA is an application for the management and project planning by the incidents managing.
  • SAFE is the authentication and authorization service offered by the GVA.

GeoTIC performs automatic synchronizations at night, when people are not working, to always have updated the data obtained from GUC and JIRA. It also offers the possibility to perform manual synchronizations.

The application also needs to access map servers for mapping. It obtains the cartography from OpenStreetMap and from various sources of official cartography.

For more information about the project (and see a demo of its operation) you can see the presentation that was made of it in The 11th International gvSIG Conference:

If in your organization you have equivalent needs to manage your inventory (whether ICT or any other information), we encourage you to contact us: Besides we have the best experts in free geomatics you will be contributing to the maintenance and development of the gvSIG project.

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