Towards gvSIG 2.3: Portable distribution for Mac OS X


One of the novelties of the next gvSIG Desktop 2.3 is that a distribution for Mac OS X operating system will be released too. A long-awaited novelty… or at least we think it, because every week there was anybody who asked the gvSIG Association about gvSIG Desktop for Mac.

It will be available in portable version, so that a zip file will have to be unzipped and then run the application.

We would need extra help to detect new errors because it is the first official distribution for Mac, mainly related to the interface, and we will be able to improve this distribution. For that we ask all the Mac users and enthusiasts for help to test it.

In the latest release candidate builds that have been released it can be tested already. For example, gvSIG 2.3 RC4 for Mac can be downloaded from:

Once it is downloaded, as we told you, it can be unzipped, and then you can run the application.


All that’s left is to test gvSIG…


You can use the users mailing list to send the errors and suggestions. And a last advice: don’t change the app name because it won’t work.

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3 Responses to Towards gvSIG 2.3: Portable distribution for Mac OS X

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  2. Juli says:

    I’ve unzipped the file, but it’s says it’s damaged. I’ve already tried so many timea; and still can’t installe it.. any other version? Thanks!!

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