Towards gvSIG 2.4: Heat map symbology

In gvSIG Desktop 2.4 we are going to find legends that will increase, even more, the possibilities of information visualization of the application. One of these novelties is the heatmap legend, also known as hot spots.

The term means a place where there’s a high gathering of a feature. This type of legend is fundamental for certain analysis, for example in the criminology field to study the gathering of criminal incidents.

The customization possibilities of this new type of legend are very wide, allowing users to define distance, use a gradient or colour table, apply different range of transparency or use a weighting field.

Here you have a video where you can see how this new type of legend works:

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5 Responses to Towards gvSIG 2.4: Heat map symbology

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  2. Jenny Rodríguez says:

    Interesante curso

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