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Workshops about Geostatistics with R and gvSIG given in Valencia and Cualiacan

During the 13th International gvSIG Conference in Valencia and 4th gvSIG Conference in Mexico, several workshops were given about R integration in gvSIG and some development examples with R. From the gvSIG Association we want to share all this material to be avalaible … Continue reading

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Final notes: 13th International gvSIG Conference

Fantastic, great, excellent presentations, full workshops…, with these words and with many thanks, most of the more than 300 attendees to the 13th International gvSIG Conference have transmitted us a feeling of satisfaction that we have had during the event.

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Material de los Talleres de Geoestadística realizados con R y gvSIG en Valencia y Culiacán

Durante las 13as Jornadas Internacionales gvSIG en Valencia y las 4as Jornadas gvSIG de México, se dieron varios talleres muy similares explicando la Integración de R en gvSIG y ejemplos de desarrollo con R. Desde  la Asociación queremos poner todo … Continue reading

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