Final notes: 13th International gvSIG Conference

Fantastic, great, excellent presentations, full workshops…, with these words and with many thanks, most of the more than 300 attendees to the 13th International gvSIG Conference have transmitted us a feeling of satisfaction that we have had during the event.

That’s a reflection of the situation of the gvSIG project. It started developing a desktop GIS and it has continued with a whole catalog of open source software solutions, the gvSIG Suite with ‘horizontal’ solutions: gvSIG Desktop, gvSIG Mobile, gvSIG Online and an a wide range of sector products: gvSIG Roads, gvSIG Educa, gvSIG Crime …

The gvSIG Association, responsible for the sustainability and evolution of this suite, has become a model of professional services in open source geomatics. During the conference some of these projects related to critical sectors were presented. For example about the Provincial Consortium of Firemen of Valencia, the Civil Protection National Department of Spain or the Observatory for Security and Citizen Coexistence of the Government of Cordoba in Argentina.

The vitality of the project is also defined by the innumerable novelties that were presented during the first day of the event. gvSIG Desktop 2.4 includes a lot of improvements, gvSIG Online too, the new gvSIG Mobile based on Geopaparazzi is being released now, gvSIG Crime…

And complementing the professional sector with a set of outstanding papers from the field of research and education. At the beginning of the project we spoke about synergies between administration, university and company, and now they are being materialized around gvSIG.

The gvSIG conference are always a good place to expand training. Workshops with full capacity until the last minute of the event, it has been the same if they were for users or for developers. Another excellent sign.

Finally, on Friday, there was a working day of the different teams that are working on the development of the different gvSIG products. The feeling: next year will be even better.

Understand that we are happy. And that we transmit it.

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