The new gvSIG Mobile is already available. The open source mobile GIS of the gvSIG Suite

Excellent news for all those who need GIS applications for field data gathering. You have the new gvSIG Mobile available already, for Android devices, that you can install from Google Play’.

gvSIG Mobile is open source software, like all gvSIG Suite solutions. It’s licensed under the GNU/GPLv3 license.

The new gvSIG Mobile is based on Geopaparazzi, with more than obvious similarities, but with a different approach that will be reflected in its evolution. gvSIG Mobile was born with the aim of having a mobile GIS application for professionals and, it has different tools that facilitate its integration with the rest of the gvSIG Suite. For example, it has a data importer and exporter from/to gvSIG Online, functionality that is already used by many of the organizations that are betting on implementing their Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) with this platform. They are able to carry out census or inventories, update or audit information and all of that integrated with the SDI. In the same way the next version of gvSIG Desktop brings among its (numerous) improvements a plugin that will allow data dumping between both applications. And this is just the beginning …

Of course, gvSIG Mobile can be used independently of the rest of the gvSIG Suite components. In an individual level, it is a fantastic application for field data gathering. It includes a lot of functionalities, but it is very easy of use. You can gather field data, edit existing data, attach images, notes or bookmarks to geolocated elements, etc. Without forgetting the ability to have forms that make gathering easier.

In the coming months we will be complementing the application information currently available with user manuals in several languages, video-tutorials, etc. In addition, for this first version, until we have the specific gvSIG Mobile documentation available, you can also consult all the material available about Geopaparazzi, totally applicable to the use of gvSIG Mobile. And, of course, you can use the user mailing lists to ask about any doubt or problem that you have with the mobile GIS that is going to become your favorite one.

For those interested in the development part, the project can be found here:

Finally, from the gvSIG Association we want to thank two of our companies, HydroloGIS and Scolab, for the work done so that today all of us have the possibility to use gvSIG Mobile freely.

What are you waiting for to download it?


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5 Responses to The new gvSIG Mobile is already available. The open source mobile GIS of the gvSIG Suite

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  2. Android says:

    gvSIG Mobile is really a very useful app. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Darek Jamesh says:

    This is really a very useful app. I am unable to check it on iTunes tho any help?

  4. Jack Flynn says:

    gvSIG is good app. Does it support Android O?

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