Towards gvSIG 2.4: Quick Info Tool

A new tool has been developed in the Workshops during the 13th International gvSIG Conference. This tool is usefull for all the gvSIG 2.4 users.

The main purpose of this tool is to show a tooltip over the features with some info. It works when the mouse is over the feature.

You can install the new tool with the Add-ons Manager from a gvSIG 2.4 version.

Select “Installation from URL”.

Search it using the filter: “Quick Info” and select it for installation. In case the icon appears on green, the tool is already installed.

It will be necessary to close and open gvSIG.

Now, if you have one vector layer  in the View, you can go to the properties of the layer and active the Quick Info tool. Just select the layer in the Table of Contents of the View and click with the right click -> Properties.

Select the option “Use a field” and choose the field to be use. To start the visualization you have to click on this icon in the menu.

Once this is done, just pass with the mouse over the features and it will show the tooltip.

It is possible to create more advanced  tooltips. For example, if we want to show the name of the field and its value of the ‘reference’ field.

"Reference: %s" % refman

It appears like this:

We can also insert mathematical operations.

pob_0_14 + pob_15_65

Or more complex tooltips:

"0-14: %s, 15-65: %s, >66: %s" 
% (pob_0_14 ,pob_15_65 ,pob_66_mas)

Using HTML format:

"<html><b>0-14:</b> %s
<br><b>15-65:</b> %s</br>
<br><b>>66:</b> %s</br>
% (pob_0_14 ,pob_15_65 ,pob_66_mas)

A mix from both:

"<html><b>Poblation 0-65:</b>
% (pob_0_14 + pob_15_65)

This is a tool in development, any feedback or bug detected from you it will be useful. You contact with us through the Mailing list.

Also, the code is available in  Github: gvsig-desktop-scripting-quickinfo

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  3. Joaquín Cabrera says:

    promuevo un Geógrafo para cada uno de los Ayuntamientos en cada Municipio en la RD.

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