Recording of webinar on “gvSIG Suite: open source software for geographic information management in agriculture” is now available

If you weren’t be able to follow the webinar on “gvSIG Suite: open source software for geographic information management in agriculture”, organized by GODAN and gvSIG Association, you can watch the recording now at the gvSIG Youtube channel:

The webinar was oriented to show the gvSIG Suite, a complete catalog of open source software solutions, applied to agriculture.

The gvSIG Suite is composed of ‘horizontal’ products:

  • gvSIG Desktop: Geographic Information System for editing, 3D analysis, geoprocessing, maps, etc
  • gvSIG Online: Integrated platform for Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) implementation.
  • gvSIG Mobile: Mobile application for Android to take field data.

and sector products:

  • gvSIG Roads: Platform to manage roads inventory and conservation.
  • gvSIG Educa: gvSIG adapted to geography learning in pre-university education.
  • gvSIG Crime: Geographic Information System for Criminology management.

At the webinar we also showed several successful case studies in agriculture and forestry. You also can consult another case studies at gvSIG Outreach website in this sector and other related sectors (they are in their original language but there’s a translator at the left side):

The presentation is available at this link.

If you want to download gvSIG Desktop you can do it from the gvSIG website, gvSIG Mobile is available from the Play Store, and if you are interested in implementing gvSIG Online in your organization you can contact us by e-mail:

If you have any doubt or problem with the application you can use the mailing lists.

And here you have several links about training on gvSIG, with free courses:

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