Towards gvSIG 2.5: Listing layers at the Table of Contents

One of the most used components in a GIS is the Table of Contents, also known as TOC.

All the layers of a View are listed at the Table of Contents, and the legend with which the entities of each layer are represented is shown too. It also helps to manage the display order of the layers in the View, to define the layers that are visible, which layers are selected, it allows quick access to different tools, etc.

In gvSIG Desktop 2.4, we started improvements in the TOC with a catalog, which allows to load layers quickly and manage the favourite ones. In the new version, gvSIG 2.5, you will find a new plugin called “Tabbed TOC” with which we are continuing these improvements.

Through this new plugin we add a series of new options to the Table of Contents to list or group the layers of our View.

Besides the main list, now we can list the layers according to the source, if they are visible or not, and if they have selected elements or not. The procedure is very simple, you have to click on the icon on the top of the TOC and it allows to access to any of the grouping methods.

Here you have a video about how to install this new plugin and how it works:


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