Towards gvSIG 2.5: Quick access to Snapping tools

We show you another novelty of the new gvSIG Desktop version that will make the editing tasks easy through quick access to the Snapping or reference to objects configuration in a layer.

The window that allows you to configure the type of snapping (end point, medium point, near point …), and the tolerance in pixels, was inside the “Configuration” window in previous versions. In addition, if we wanted to activate or deactivate snapping we had to use a quick access key or use the command available at the “Edit” menu.

Thanks to the “Quick access to Snapping Tool” plugin we will be able to access the snapping options at any time and we can leave the floating window while editing. In this waywe can change the available options at any time.

In the next video we show how snapping worked so far, the plugin installation through the add-on manager, and how it works now.

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