Towards gvSIG 2.5: Forms configuration

The possibility to configure forms to visualize data takes big importance when the data has a hundred of fields with abbreviate field names. This data is hard to comprehend for the user. gvSIG has the capability to visualize the data in two types of forms.

Default forms

This forms are the usual forms that we use in gvSIG, just that the new version of gvSIG 2.5 has bring new capabilities to improve the visualization of them. It will be possible to configure the label of the fields, create groups of fields in tabs and set different profiles to the fields to improve the visualizacion like Image or long strings.

Abeille forms

Abeille is a tool to create graphical interfaces very easy to use. You can create a template for form that will use your layers. If you let this template form next to the shape file, automatically gvSIG will use it in the forms of this layer. Each component is related to a field in the table data.

Here you can see an example of a complex form.

And this is other tab of the same form.
As you can se, it’s a very useful way to make the data understandable.

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