Towards gvSIG 2.5: New Search tool

The new version of gvSIG Desktop 2.5 has a new interesting tool to explore and visualize our data and this is the Search tool.

You can access to this tool through its icon in the toolbar.

The tool has two main parts:

  • Upper part: use it to create filters for our data. It has the simple and advanced search. The simple search can be used just by clicking in the components. The advanced search is ready to use an expression on it.
  • Lower part: for visualization purposes of the filtered data in a table. It also contains new tools to execute over the filtered data.

You can configure the simple search just with your mouse. If you click in the components you can apply a filter to the data: choose a field, a operator or a value.

If you change the operator or with the operator and you can add more filters using the and operator. If you let it empty, that filter will not be use.

If we add another value and press search:

The advanced search will use an expression, and this expression can be really complex. In this first example we use just a replication of the basic search filter use it before.

For example, in this case, we are creating an advanced filter where we filter by using a distance from a point saved before with the Coordinate capture tool. Also this expressions will be saved in the historic and the bookmarks on the icons next to the expression.

This tool has another associated tools. We can create an elaborate seleccion adding values to the existing selection o creating a new one. We can make a zoom to the filter. We also can use this filter in the exportation process framework or use this filter using the gvSIG forms.

For example, in this image we have created a filter and then pressed the forms button son we can navigate through this features using the form tool. This forms has some extra tools like editing, etc.


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