gvSIG Online: Custom geocoder

In the latest version of gvSIG Online, it’s possible to create custom geocoders from our own SHP layers. It allows to include place names that do not appear in the most common geocoders such as Nominatim or Google by default, such as local elements, or place names in other languages.

In the case of having two or more official languages in a region or country, and when the aforementioned geocoders do not include the place names of any of them, we could, for example, load our local street map with the place names in that language.

The steps to create a geocoder are as simple as uploading the SHP file to the platform, exporting it to the database, and creating the geocoder from it.

Thus, when searching for a place name in any of the projects, it would already show us the results of that layer.

In this video you can see how it works:

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